Saturday, May 12, 2007

David gets the night shift

Actually, he volunteered for it, the 4:30 AM shift for the Make-a-Wish 24-hourathon at SHAPE. It's a huge deal, with various departments and organizations at SHAPE putting teams together to keep at least one person on the track the whole 24 hours. We're not sure exactly how it works but it's a fundraiser, and the winning team seems to be the one that does the most laps.

Each group pitches a tent, some larger than others, for those spending the night or just chilling. Most notable of the tents: the Brits' fish and chips concession, the Germans' Bitburger on draft (gotta carb load, you know), and the Canadians' moose milk - along with their about 6-foot high ginormous statue of a moose. Folks - including kids and dogs - turn out in droves to walk or run, despite the on-again, off-again rain. It is Belgium, you know. To finish things off tonight, we have Gary Sinese and his Lt Dan band playing live.

Oh, I signed up for the more civilized hour of 6:30 AM!

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Ada said...

Sounds like you had a typical Belgian good time for a good cause. We did the "fietsen tegen kanker" bicycle ride thru a rainy Tervuren Park one year. Lots of fun, but boy were we muddy!