Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2045 and the mowing is done

We engaged in a marathon mowing session this afternoon, the first time we've managed to do the whole yard in one day. In an ironic twist of fate - or just a weird role reversal - David mowed while I fixed supper. Fortunately supper consisted of leftover Belgian beer stew and its accompaniements or we'd still be hungry. As for the yard, you gotta strike while the iron is hot or at least while the sun is shining!


Anonymous said...

Way to go guys! After seeing the pictures from Mickey and given the size of your lawn, I believe a lawn mower like your neighbor's, i.e. goats, might be worth considering.



Anonymous said...

don't you hate it when I'm right? That big mower is looking good right now, huh? or maybe you're giving the evil eye to the guys mowing other people's lawns up and down the street. oh, the burden of being right and doing it without crushing the older siblings ego....#3(aka donald)