Thursday, October 18, 2007

We're still here

It occurred to us the other day that we hadn't posted lately. That's because we've been busy. With what, we couldn't say, except that the days seem to be getting shorter. Maybe it's because they are; it's dark now by 7:30 at night (or sooner - I've lost track), which means we're going to bed earlier, despite having the same workday and the same errands to run after work.

Today we hurried to get our walk in before darkness fell. As we rounded the corner about halfway through one of our usual routes, I squinted at a sight down the road and wondered, is that a big dog or a calf meandering down the sidewalk? We had just about decided it was a calf when we saw a second cow, this one definitely a bovine of some sort, in the same vicinity. Were they lost? Were they out for a stroll? Were they refugees? We'll never know because they took off across the street before we got close and then we turned to go home. Life in the Belgian countryside.

In other news, we went to France the weekend before last to visit a friend who lives near Tours. We had a great time eating, drinking, visiting, drinking, touring, drinking. Wait, did I mention that we sampled a lot of sparkling wines? Of course the trip included the obligatory visit to a cave, where we bought more...sparkling wine! Bet you couldn't see that one coming!

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Pop said...

Yeah, I saw that one coming! I've learned to expect lots of drinking by you guys. You must be looking ahead 2 1/2 years or so when you won't be able to bring back all the stuff you've been stockpiling into the US -- except what you have imbibed.