Friday, December 7, 2007

But did it really count?

This is a catching-up post, since we never mentioned it when it happened.

We drove back from our Romantic Rhine River Weekend (RRRW) on a Sunday morning, so we went to mass at the collégiale in Mons Sunday evening. We got there real early so were among the first to arrive. A lady who seemed to be the ramrod for that service approached and asked if either of us would like to do the Epistle reading. Those of you who know us will not be surprised to hear that Rita responded, "En français? Non non non non non!" and that I said, "I'll do it!" (only in French). Since I'd never read it in French, I did ask for a chance to practice, so Ramrod took me up to the lectern and let me read through it silently twice. I didn't make any really bad mistakes, except maybe with a liaison or two.

Don't tell them I'm not Catholic or everybody may be required to repeat that mass.


Sarah said...

oh i am so telling.

David and Rita said...

uncle mickey's already threatening to rat me out to the vatican.