Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today must have been "take you horse out for a spin" day in Hautrage and environs. 

We went for a bike ride, since it was sunny and we hadn't been out in a while. First we passed two ladies walking their horses sedately down the street. (It struck us as odd but funny that one of the ladies was smoking as she rode.) Down the road apiece we came up behind a couple who had just pulled their horse-drawn wagon out of a farmyard. We nodded and greeted them as we rode by, only to meet another horse-drawn wagon, followed closely by a rider on a horse, coming towards us from the other direction. This particular cart horse, a BIG Belgian, looked like he wasn't used to pulling a wagon. Or maybe it was the wind he didn't like - but something sure had him reluctant to pull that cart. Maybe it was the entire family sitting in it, out for a leisurely ride on a sunny day.

There was a lot of horse talk in the office the last couple days, since the announcement that InBev is bidding to take over Anheuser-Busch. Speculation is running wild that the big Belgians might replace the Clydesdales. We had visions of these big, stolid workhorses pulling those big beer wagons for a few paces ... and then stopping for a cigarette break!

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Pop said...

Maybe the tire pressure was not proper for the load on the wagon. Big Belgian horses are probably as sensitive to tire pressure as Detroit horses in a motorized vehicle -- just a thought.