Sunday, July 13, 2008

La chasse aux taupes

We're playing a new games these days. Whack-a-mole proved spectacularly unsuccessful so we took the neighbor's advice and invested in some sonic mole chasing devices. They're long thin tubes with 4 D-cell batteries each; they produce a noise at irregular intervals that irritates the moles so they move on. We know just how irritating this noise is after having worked in the garden in the proximity of one of these devices for about three hours yesterday afternoon. 

The instructions warn that you may get more molehills initially as the moles try to escape the noise; you're supposed to move the devices after 3 or 4 days to keep chasing them out of your yard (and into the neighbors', one supposes). Looking at the new mole hills this morning it appears our devices are working well - so well, in fact, that David repositioned them today to keep the moles moving toward the cornfield beyond the tree line that borders our yard. (We're purposely aiming them toward the cornfield rather than our neighbor's yard - although his efforts are probably why WE have so many this year!)

Time will tell whether our new strategy will be successful. We'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

As you move the little critters into the cornfield, and thus destroy the hopes for reasonably priced ethanol for us unimaginative consumers in the US, you should take a dow (or something similar) and poke a hole in the tunnels. Then drop a moth ball into said hole and cover back over. This will help stop them from coming back into the tunnels before you get them into the field. Also, flatten tunnels as you go to keep the little fellers moving. As you get rid of them, little windmills shaped like flowers placed along the border every 10 feet or so will help keep them out. Also, buried beer bottles (empty) with the top 1 to 2 inches exposed between the windmills will help as the wind blows across the tops making noise and vibrating and irritates the moles. If you really want to get rid of them, cats and dogs dig 'em. Although then you have to fill in holes all over the place and take care of the bodies. You guys have so much fun in the yard!....donald

Pop said...

I have to wonder why David's kid brother never gave me all this advice on mole chasing when I was actively engaged in the sport. Maybe he's learned something over the years -- or is just kidding you.

Good luck with your venture.

David said...

no, no, he's not kidding. the beer bottles work. i assume the lopsided windmills do, too, but we ever tried them because there's nothing to drink first.

Anonymous said...

You have to Christen each windmill has it is placed. PLENTY of beer drinking opportunity. Then you invite the neighbors over for a "moleless" party. Remember---nothing lasts forever and "all glory is fleeting" (from PATTON). and Pop, what would you have done if you had no moles and/or squirrels? donald