Sunday, February 22, 2009

And then there were four

Those of you who have been here know that our neighbors have goats. David, being the country boy he is, realized that the black goat is a female and the spotted one a male.

We hadn't seen the goats for a few weeks and hoped that didn't bode ill for the animals. Those of you who have been here know why we were concerned. But a couple weeks ago we walked by and noticed the two new additions. They are about the cutest thing ever and are very attached to Momma. Yesterday Momma and Papa came running over to the fence - accompanied by the babies - and I even got to pet Papa.


Kerry said...

Those are some cute goats! We had goats for a little while in our neighborhood (which is not in the country). They lived in a dogloo and I used to preferentially jog by their house to see them. The Belgian goats are definitely cuter (and fuzzier)

David said...

it's not really a mystery to tell the billy goat. a goat's... ummm... "maleness" is very apparent.

Pop said...