Saturday, November 3, 2007

Come to Daddy

Big Daddy Deer next door is in rut. We know this because he's spent the last two days emitting this weird call that sounds more like a belch than anything else. So far nothing seems to be happening. However, this evening as I watched from our bedroom window, Big Daddy ran wildly over into a corner of the neighbor's year where I couldn't see him. A small brown deer ran in the opposite direction. After a few seconds, Big Daddy ran into another section of yard and stood there, bewildered. (Presumably it doesn't take much to bewilder a deer.) Soon thereafter, I saw the brown deer run away again. Big Daddy may be on to something here.

Fortunately it's too cool to keep the windows open at night; otherwise we might hear something rather private going on over there tonight.

1 comment:

felicity said...

Ah, the wonderful sounds of nature. At least you aren't surrounded by thousands of mammoth frogs at that time of year (we aren't either, but I've heard they're loud.) :)