Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Les petites annonces

I am intrigued by the classified ads in our local weekly, especially in the "Rencontres" (Encounters) section. In addition to the usual "man seeks young woman" (h ch jf) ads, there are the clairvoyants. Cristaline promises an answer to every question. Cabinet Bangoura specializes in bringing back your loved ones, where ever they may be, and in two days! But you have to bring a picture and a candle. Maitre N Karan is known for his effectiveness and quick work; he specializes in the occult. Both Bangoura and N Karan post their pictures. To me they just look scarey. Mr. Sanquiana offers to work on your family problems; with the "honey of love" husband and wife will become inseparable. ... Uh, too many ways to look at that so we won't go there.

Then there are the OTHER ads. A 35-year-old housewife, adventurous but lacking affection, is looking for a guy to spend an afternoon with in complete discretion (ch. h. ou j.h. pr passer après midi...). There are the 50-something women who are "still very sexy" and the usual phone sex numbers. And here's my favorite: a "duo coquin," a 52-year-old mom and 23-year-old daughter combo. Gee, that could have been me and Rachel 4 years ago!!! Ugh.


Anonymous said...

These people need to get a life!


rachel said...

Sorry mom, NO THANKS.

David and Rita said...

yeah, that was my reaction too!