Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where we went

It had been a month or two since we went to Germany, so we went back last weekend. We actually went to see our friends who will be heading back to the States in a few weeks. The four of us grownups and one little guy trundled off to Wuerzburg, another German city that suffered a lot of destruction during the war. Nevertheless there were still some interesting things to see. You're looking at a picture of the Marienberg Fortress on the hill across the Main River from town. ...We meant to spend Sunday night in the Ardennes, on the German-Belgian border. We figured there wouldn't be a run on hotel rooms, so we didn't make a reservation ahead of time. What we hadn't counted on was a couple hotels in St. Vith being closed, apparently still loafing after the Christmas season. That, coupled with the rain and gloomy skies, sent us home Sunday - but not until after we'd looked at some massive German-style (but Belgian-made) solid wood furniture. We came away thinking none of it would fit in our house in Columbia but maybe we'll go back and look again another day...

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