Sunday, March 30, 2008

A rare sight

For those of you not following the NCAA men's basketball tournament (those of you who hate freedom), my alma mater, Davidson College, is having quite a run. As a 10 seed they have now beaten seventh-seeded Gonzaga, second seed Georgetown, and third-seeded Wisconsin, the last a veritable spanking. The last time Davidson went the round of eight was 1969, before even I was a student, which was not quite the stone age but was before the cordless phone. Heck, it was even before you could own your own phone. Richard Nixon had just been inaugurated! I know this streak can--and probably will--end abruptly and that when it does the world will not shudder, but as my friend Dave used to say when the O's were winning (talk about ancient history!), it certainly does make for pleasant background music.


Anonymous said...

You are correct. The run ended rather abruptly -- in spite of all the cheering I was doing. ( At least I won't have to make a choice about which team to cheer for in the first final four game.) You can be proud of your team though. They did okay in losing to the team that is probably going to play in the championship game. However, "Go Heels" is my chant these days.


Anonymous said...

I was so proud of Davidson and my big brother that graduated form there! I wanted them to win sooooo badly. It's exciting to have 4 #1 seeds in the Final 4 for the 1st ever -- but, personally, I'd prefer to see Davidson (as the student that dressed as Cinderella encouraged us)be the belle of the ball. Oh shucks, maybe next year.