Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's a small world, even in Hainaut

Those of you (Mother, Sarah, B, Rachel and Steve, Emmett) who have been with us to the Concordia, our local watering hole (it's not very local and better than a hole), may remember the perky, dark-haired, young woman who always waited on us. Last night we went to try out a couscous place we had spotted earlier in the day in Dour, but it was complet (full). So we went four doors down the square to an Italian restaurant, and lo and behold our waitress was the same gal. Turns out she had just started working there the night before. So we were both newbies. Even though Rita claims that Italian is the official cuisine of Europe, this was, I think, the best one we've found yet: "small family place, good food," as Abe Vigoda said. I had a fine saltimbocca, and Rita some mighty tasty ravioli. So it's fun to have rediscovered our waitress and a good restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

How many people remember Fish? but of course you're talking Godfather--which I am wartching right now--and just saw this scene--too weird...donald