Monday, January 4, 2010

Talk about inflation!

The postage rates went up today while we were conducting a transaction! We had done two packages, when the supervisor came out and told the clerk that they were changing the way they calculated postage. They were no longer to enter the zip code but a zone number. And guess what. It calculates a higher rate. Go figure. It was about 0800 back on the East Coast, so maybe that's when the new rates were supposed to take effect.

The clerk was Rich's wife. That's one of the goofy things about being at a small overseas post: all the ordinary working people--postal clerks, store clerks, etc--are family members of the people you work with. It's kind of fun. Doesn't keep them from insisting on seeing your ID on every visit, though.

And no, we did not have to recalculate the postage for the first two packages, so I guess when you look at it the right way, we got away with one. Or two.

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