Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Organist humor

We went to an organ concert at the collegiate church of St. Waudru Sunday evening. The organist announced that if we heard trumpets in any of the pieces, we could rest assured that they had not added any new pipes to the organ. It would just be the sound of vuvuzelas outside the church as people got warmed up for the World Cup finals. And we all went, "Hahahahaha!"

The Cup final was a big deal. Even though it's been years since Belgium made it to the tournament, there are lots of folks of Spanish extraction here, and it is truly a big worldwide event (outside North America). Oh, and they still kinda remember the Dutch as their former overlords. Several big screen TVs on the Grand'Place, crowds so think you couldn't get through, and lots of horn honkin' and vuvuzela blowin' when it was all over. We felt very close to the action at our hotel just yards from the action.

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