Sunday, April 20, 2008

We decided it's spring

For various reasons we had not been able to get down to the flower market at the train station in Mons for the last several Sundays. So we decided earlier this week that would be our destination after church today. Divine Providence apparently approved because we had an absolutely gorgeous day. It got up to 15 (59 Fahrenheit) degrees today, the warmest it's been since last fall.

We sorta went crazy buying flowers. We filled the two bedroom window boxes (the pansies in the one on the ledge outside the bathroom window weathered the winter well and are blooming like crazy). We filled the wheelbarrow. We filled the tub on the deck and still have some left to put in the other tub when the tulips Sarah's friends gave us are done.


Gene Heyler said...

And it sounds like you will have lots of manure to keep them beautiful. According to American news, so many Belguim farmers are spreading manure, that there is a stench of it all the way over in London. Just another European export I guess.

David said...

dunno about london, but it's sometimes overpowering right here. course, we're surrounded by fields and enough animals to fertilize a small country. wait.

Anonymous said...

Maybe try mowing every 4 days. That was the formula my former landscaper gave me(the donald) and I still follow his advise. With the manure effect, you might even have to mow more often. The flowers are beautiful.