Sunday, February 25, 2007

After-action report, Sunday 2

David went to church twice today: once with Rita and once with the Anglicans while Rita went to the gym (the two services are back to back). I tell you, just when you think you've heard everything, the Catholics go and sing "Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling." Boy, was I ever shocked. And pleased. They kind of countrified it and dumbed it down (no parts to sing in the refrain), but it was still nice. Then the Anglicans opened with a Charles Wesley hymn, albeit one I did not know. There were only 22 people in the Anglo-Episcopal service, but they were throwing a Belgian out of the bullpen and it's still the school holiday. Between the Communion and the small crowd I felt like I was at the 0730 service at home, except for the preacher's accent.

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