Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two Couples

Last night we ate dinner at a restaurant on the Grand' Place, one we've been to a couple times already, so Pascal the waiter recognizes us. We got there about 6:45 but apparently that is pretty early on a Friday night because there was only one other group in the back dining room, and they were having their pre-prandial beers. An older couple came in then and ordered coffee and cake. Being the superb analysts we are, we devined that they had eaten dinner at home and had come in for dessert. (On the other hand, maybe they were on a fixed income and that was dinner...). Then a young, college-aged couple came in for cokes. Dame 1 (the older woman - and I do mean older, even older than me!) was sedate and very much in her own space, conversing in low tones with her man. Dame 2 (the young woman) was alternately in her fella's lap and then laced around his neck, apparently resting quite comfortably and possibly even catching a cat-nap. Not much room for the Holy Spirit between those two! Fella 2 sat there smugly enjoying his lady's attentions, while Fella 1 kept checking his watch and reporting back to his boss. We just thought it was interesting observing these two very different generations.

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Anonymous said...

I beleive there were 3 couples present counting you and Rita. How would the other two couples describe you? Just curious...THE donald