Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We've got a house!

And it's big gorgeous. Sarah, we almost got your château. It has marble, tile, and wood floors, a huge kitchen with tons of cabinets and a built-in marble table. The master bedroom has closets!! Those who have lived in Europe will understand how huge that is. The master bath has one of those walk-in spray-you-from-all-sides showers. I may never make it to work. The village of Hautrage is across the canal, maybe a 10 minute walk away. Hautrage doesn't have much, but it does have a patisserie and a restaurant called Chez Coco. We don't have pictures of the house yet because of our software woes (suffice it to say that Steve Jobs hates freedom), but we hope to soon. Meanwhile, anyone who wants to MapQuest or GoogleEarth it can look for rue Delbory 10, 7334 Hautrage.

We're pretty stoked. We sign the lease on the 6th and should be able to move in on the 15th. The guy renting it now is willing to leave his AFN and SkyNet satellites for us. I get to buy a new mower (Donald, I'm thinking this is my chance to get a Honda) because I'll be taking care of lawn maintenance myself. I may regret it because I've been told that between the rain and the 18 hours of sunlight you get in midsummer, grass grows like a m...grass grows fast.


travis said...

Congratulations on the house. It sounds great. Though you didn't say so explicitly, use of the word "château" leads me to believe that there will be room for visitors. If nothing else, they can sleep in your massive closets.

How long will your commute be?

One negative: I don't like the decision to leave the SkyNet satellite installed. Yes, SkyNet does develop cool liquid-metal robots and governors of California, but it also brings a horrific struggle between people and machines, including nuclear war. Why must you bring this future to pass?

Sarah said...

sweet. i can't wait to hang out in my almost chateau!

kebd11 said...

Congrats on the house! That's great that you found one so quickly (it seems quick anyway, for Europe). Now you jsut need to buy 'his and hers' zippy BMWs and you'll be set. Hope work is going well. Kerry

Anonymous said...

Great news that you're finally getting settled. The house sounds fantastic. Hey, does the Chez Coco serve cheeze wizz and hot chocolate:):) bj

Pop said...

Description of House sounds wonderful. Makes one wonder if it's the realtors description or if it's based on actual obsevation. Way to go!

Book has been bought and will be shipped Monday.

Anonymous said...

Honda is for America. Check out the English and German mowers. They are world famous and unavailable here; therefore they are great! Look for a "townie" (or Belgie?) and see what they are using. Watch for the guys mowing the commercial properties--they will have the equipment that works and lasts. House sounds really neat. I'm so happy for you guys. Don't worry about Travis's concern. I believe he is suffering from separation anxiety--he'll be OK in a month or two. What type of grass?...THE donald

David and Rita said...

What kind of grass? Heck if I know. Belgian grass I assume. Rita says to tell you, "green."

Ada said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to see the pictures. You know, we say that in terms of lifestyle, the Belgians are the Italians of the north--sounds like your house is making that statement true!

Marge said...

I made the mistake of not checking the blog for several days and now I feel like I have a month of homework to do!

The house looks great. Congrats.

I really appreciate these entries. It makes it seem like you aren't really gone!