Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Homeless...sort of

We're all set to move into our almost-a-chateau on Thursday: three trucks will arrive to deliver 1) our unaccompanied baggage (which finally arrived last week); 2) our temporary furniture (which, after some "persuasion" from our command in Stuttgart, the Army has grudgingly allowed us); and 3) our appliances, also from the Army. Yesterday we met the landlord and the previous occupants at the house to take possession of the keys and get some last-minute info about the house. So last night we stopped by the hotel reception to tell them we were leaving on Thursday, only to learn that they had already booked our room, as of Wednesday night, to someone else. David was speechless, if you can imagine that. It was a misunderstanding on both sides but what could we do? They're complet. So...we'll be moving into Le Maisières (commonly called Le Misery by long-term occupants), the hotel right across the street from SHAPE, for one night before actually taking possession of our house. Having accummulated such stuff as a coffee maker, toaster, several bottles of spirits, and a lot of beer--along with everything we mailed ourselves and brought with us--we foresee many trips in our little BMW to move it all out of the Infotel and into our house.

The good news is that our car arrived in Bremerhaven on Saturday and could be here in Belgium as early as Wednesday or Thursday. Or not...

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Pop said...

It must be miserable to have been kicked out of the hotel as you were. You must have thrown some wild parties - or have been otherwise undesirable tenants. At least you speak the language. I know you are more anxious than ever to get into your house. When you are settled in, just remember how much better an almost-a-chateau is than a small hotel suite.
Have you thought about how to move the spirits? If you drank them they would not take up much space in your little BMW. No, that idea might not work since you must have bought more that you couls drink and still be able to move the other stuff.