Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's better now

The regular ladies who run the hotel desk "found a solution," so we get to stay in the Infotel our last night. The gal who told us we had to leave was an interloper. I suspect she was just a prankstress who came in off the street to harrass us. We started moving stuff to the house today anyways. After our second load, we did some driving around. It was another gorgeous day after several weeks of rain. We found what may prove to be a nice little restaurant de terroir (down home cookin'), and an icky little grocery store we won't go back to. Then we headed back to Mons and bought trash bags. The way you pay for trash pickup here is that you have to put it in special bags that cost more than a buck a piece. They won't pick it up if it's not. The recycling bags are much cheaper, but you still have to have special ones. To get either one you go to a grocery store and ask the cashier for them. Reminds of how you used to have to buy rubbers. That's what other guys tell me. After buying trash bags, we went to a brew pub! It looked just like every brew pub I've ever been in in the States. Even our waitress looked like she had been plucked out of Oliver's. The food and the beer were both good. The background music was way too young for us, though.

In other beer news, today I bought my Perfect Draft and a keg of Leffe. We're ready to roll. If you get here in the next...oh, 48 hours, there might be some left.


travis said...

If buying trash bags reminds these other guys of buying rubbers, they must be - ahem - "gifted" indeed.

Glad the moving is moving apace. When is the balance of your stuff due to arrive?

Pop said...

Hey -- If you're taking care of the perfect keg, your vision may be blurred by the time you try to read this comment. Sorry I missed the deadline for helping move it.

By the way, you were worried about moving stuff in your little BMW. What has happened to the two wheeled horse drawn carts that I used to see in the movies driving down the small country roads of France, Belgium, and other European countries? You might have considered one of them for moving or do they no longer exist. They may have gone the way of the saloons and Colt revolvers in the US movies.

Hope the moving is going well and that you soon get settled into your almost-chateau.

Daniel Stallings said...

Since its been over 48 hours AND its almost St. Patrick's day, I'm assuming theres no extra to ship back to college relatives back in the states is there? Glad to see everything going fairly well. How's the biking over there?