Monday, August 11, 2008

Church on the economy, part deux

A couple weeks ago I mentioned having gone to church in our village for the first time. Now that we're in August, Sunday Mass has rotated over to Hautrage Etat, which is across the Route de Wallonie (a major road) from Hautrage Centre (our village). So yesterday I ventured over to Hautrage Etat for church. (Since it was raining, I drove rather than ride my bike or walk - it's only a couple kilometers away.)

There were only about 10-15 of us there, a smaller crowd than that of my Hautrage experience. Maybe the rest of the folks knew something I didn't: there was no priest for yesterday's service. We had a completely lay-led service, with most of the Mass elements except the consecration. We even had music. It was kind of weird and culturally interesting all at the same time. 

The absence of a priest was apparently an anamoly, because we were assured there would be a priest for both the Assumption day Mass Friday (another Belgian holiday!) and next Sunday's service.

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